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We have over 16 RWC courses available for you - More coming soon. Most of them are included in your site membership. The core RWC Levels must be completed in consecutive order.

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RWC Combat Fitness

Specialised fitness training for RWC members.

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Street Survival Mastery – Volume One

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Street Survival Mastery – Volume Two


Personal Weapons of Mass Destruction

An extreme course for extreme circumstances! Sometimes unarmed self-protection skills are insufficient.

Sometimes it's inappropriate or not permitted to be carrying a "weapon."


Survive A Knife Attack

What would you do if someone pulled a knife/syringe/broken bottle on you/your family and started trying to violently attack you? Would you have any idea how to defend yourself? Do you know what are the crucial, life-saving DO’s & DONT’S in this situation?


Tactical Pen For Street Survival

Do you live in an area where it is illegal to carry a firearm or knife for self-protection? Are you permitted to carry but you want another option for venues or business that do not permit "weapons" on their premises? The tactical pen is the answer.