The videos in this evergreen course are clips of John’s personal RWC training. Demonstrating the use of the methods he teaches you in RWC Training Secrets.

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RWC Group Video Coaching

This is an evergreen course for RWC Hybrid members; containing a selection from some of our live RWC Group Video Coaching sessions. These sessions cover a broad range of topics, all relating to personal safety, violence, combatives, self protection, mindset, home security etc. Ulike your RWC curriculum watch these in any order you like.

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RWC Level One

The first of your three Foundational levels in the RWC system. In RWC Level One you will learn skills such as;  Staight Palm strikes, Leg Extension kick, wrist manipulation and breaks, Twisting and FWD Head Control takedowns, Escape from mount. You will learn why Environmental Awareness is essential and how to do it properl. What

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